Some long-term projects stalled/06-07 Exquisite goals!

Aug 26th, 2007 by EC


I have just updated my wantlist. Looking at it made me realize I have so many unfinished projects that have simply stalled. 06-07 Exquisite is already out and I still have goals in 04-05 that have not been met yet. At the rate I’m going, I will develop more incomplete goals than completed ones! I think this is where patience becomes key. That, and making sure I don’t bite off too much more than I can chew. Because of this, my 06-07 Exquisite goals have been set. In addition to the base set of veterans and rookies, I will only go for the parallel base sets and 2 choice insert sets. Looking at the checklist, the sets that have the least number of cards is the Exquisite Trios and the Exquisite Foursomes. Even though they are lower numbered to 10 and 5 respectively, they only have 19 and 15 cards to the set respectively. I believe that increases the chance of completing the sets. Amongst all the other sets, the ones with lower number of cards per set are the auto patches and limited logos. Both of these have 42 cards. Others have more… as many as 72! That seems simply too much for me to chase at this time. So if you have any Exquisite Trios or Foursomes, please let me know!



Exquisite Frenzy!

Aug 12th, 2007 by EC


Despite the relatively weak rookie class and the mixed reviews for 06-07’s Exquisite, there is a frenzy of busting, selling, buying and trading. And I have been in the midst of a lot of it! It has been once more exhausting chasing all these cards. But so far it has been fun. One bit of interesting news is that the premiere collector of Exquisite (Ebay ID Exquisite613) has decided to take a break from collecting this year. This has opened up a lot of possibilities for other collectors, myself included. It just might be possible to get some rare cards that would have been previously difficult to get. Hopefully a rare Jordan or LeBron will be part of the cards posted here soon!



2006-07 Exquisite Basketball is released!

Aug 5th, 2007 by EC


Exquisite Basketball for 2006-07 has been released! So far it has gotten mixed reviews. Many people have openly stated they don’t like the design. But I for one love the new look that have incorporated in almost all the inserts. The Triple Patches, Extra Exquisite series, Noble Nameplates and the horizontalized Auto Patches look nice. The only real criticism I have is the fact that the rookie cards seem to have been cut a little off. The words “Exquisite Rookie” seem to be too close to the upper border and in some cards, clearly cut off. I have formalized my goals for  2006-07. For now I will see if they are easily reached. I have started picking up some cards to realize that goal. Hopefully when they are complete, I can likewise add them to the site. For now, I will keep on adding the cards from the previous years. Continue to stay tuned!



New pages added to the site/New submenus and categories added

Jul 31th, 2007 by EC


Once more thanks to my friend at The Kobe Collection, I was able to tinker with the drop down menus to get it to where I think the site will be better organized. Also, I have added several sub-pages that will now allow some navigation within the site. There are still no cards scanned. These will be coming soon. Over the past week I have knocked down several cards from my wantlist. I recently obtained two key 03-04 Exquisite Collection LeBron James cards. When they come in, I hope to include them in the 03-04 section. Stay tuned!



Web site finds a new home

Jul 30th, 2007 by EC


After some trouble finding a webhosting service and getting it running, has finally found its home. Many, many thanks to the owner of The Kobe Collection for his help in getting my site up and running and unselfishly sharing his time, expertise and artistry into making my site what it is right now. He single-handedly designed the whole thing simply as one collector helping another. Thank you very much! J




First attempt at a web site

Jun 18th, 2007 by EC


Welcome to my blog.  This is my first attempt at a sports card website.  I hope to add new stuff fairly regularly as time permits in my life outside this hobby.  Hopefully I can make it a classy site that is worthy of the highest end sports card product on the planet today!