My Channing Frye Collection!


Here on this page is the full Channing Frye collection that I have obtained so far. This collection would not have been possible were it not for the help of a lot of friends who have kept an eye out for me throughout the past two years.


Channing Frye was the first player I decided to prospect on. While a rookie for the NY Knicks Frye had a span where he scored 20 points or more in 7 of nine games. He is also the first Knick rookie to have scored 30 points in a game since Mark Jackson around 30 years prior. He seemed like a wonderful prospect then. Since his trade to Portland however, his minutes have dwindled and he looks to be playing behind other younger big men like Aldridge now and Oden when Oden recovers from knee surgery. That being said, it has been fun collecting Frye. And I hope you all have fun visiting this page.


While my focus has been Exquisite, I have obtained a great number of Frye’s non-Exquisite rookie cards. Since then, there have been some non-rookie cards added. But since he is mostly a prospect, you will see mostly only rookie cards here.


The first portion of the page will be the non-Exquisite cards. The Exquisite cards are also under the Exquisite pages. But I will post them again here for a comprehensive visit.






Bowman Rookie                         Bowman Chrome Rookie




Bowman Chrome Refractor /300              Bowman Chrome Superfractor 1/1




              Bowman Gold                            Bowman Sterling Refractor 1/1




Hardcourt Dual Auto w/ Stoudamire 01/10          Hardcourt Signatures 19/50  




Hardcourt Signatures 22/50              Hardcourt Signatures 30/50




Hardcourt Rookie Jersey #7/250!              Hardcourt Rookie Jersey #20/250




Hardcourt Signatures              Hardcourt Rookie Jersey Auto 10/15




Luxury Box 6-Jersey 173/192 Front/Back




Luxury Box Quad Jersey 8/193              Portraits 256-399



Portraits 279-399




Reflections Compare And Contrast Dual Auto 11/30 Front/Back

With Ike Diogu




Reflections Compare And Contrast Dual Auto 23/30 Front/Back

With David Lee




Reflections Compare And Contrast Dual Auto 27/30 Front/Back

With Salim Stoudamire




Reflections Compare and Contrast Dual Jersey 52/100 Front/Back

With Salim Stoudamire




Future Reflections 209/1499             Future Reflections 939/1499




Reflections Mirror Images Dual Patch Auto 10/10 Front/Back

With Charlie Villanueva




Rookie Debut                     Rookie Debut Ink




Sage Bronze Autograph 35/200             SP Authentic Signatures




SP Authentic Signatures 11/25             SP Signatures Rookie Ink 37/50




SPA Rookie Jersey Auto 13/100             SPA Rookie Jersey Auto 55/100



SPA Rookie Auto 691/1299             SPA Rookie Auto Patch 46/1299




SPA Rookie Logoman 1/1!                  SPA Sign of the Times Dual 4/50




SPGU Rookie Authentics 315/999             SPGU Significance Auto 68/100




SPX Rookie Jersey Auto 1079/1499             SPX Rookie Jersey Auto 1118/1999




SPX Rookie Jersey Auto 1313/1499             SPX Rookie Jersey Auto Spectrum 12/25




SPX XRC 492/1999             Sweet Shot Signature Shots Ball




Sweet Shot Signature Shots Wood 31/35             Sweet Shot Signature Shots Acetate 59/75




Sweet Spot Baseball Auto 4/10             Sweet Spot Baseball Auto 7/10!




Topps Finest Refractor 216/359             Topps Rookie Card




Topps 365/500             Topps Bazooka




          Topps Chrome Rookie Card             Topps Chrome Chosen One 356/400




Topps Chrome Refractor 111/999             Topps Chrome Refractor 142/999




Topps Chrome Refractor 190/999             Topps Chrome Refractor 883/999




              Topps Cyan Plate 1/1!             Topps Finest Black Refractor 19/19




Topps Finest Gold Refractor 7/7!             Trilogy Auto Focus




Trilogy Cutting Edge Jersey             Trilogy Dual Signature Swatches 2/15




Trilogy Dual Signature Swatches 13/15             Trilogy Rookie Premiere Auto Patch 7/10!




Trilogy Trimarks 7/40             Trilogy Trimarks 13/40




Ultimate Premium Patches 27/50             Ultimate Rookie Auto 75/250




Ultimate Rookie Auto 87/250             Ultimate Rookie Auto 115/250




Ultimate Rookie Auto 161/250             Ultimate Rookie Auto 217/250




Ultimate Rookie Auto 232/250             Ultimate Rookie Auto Patch 25/25




Ultimate Dual Jersey Patch 15/40             Ultimate Game Jersey Patch 66/75




Ultimate Signatures             UD Rookie Slam




Exquisite RC 14/99             Exquisite RC 20/99




Exquisite RC 22/99             Exquisite RC 23/99




Exquisite RC 24/99             Exquisite RC 33/99




Exquisite RC 41/99             Exquisite 45/99




Exquisite RC 49/99             Exquisite RC 57/99




Exquisite RC 59/99             Exquisite RC 63/99




Exquisite RC 66/99             Exquisite RC 75/99




Exquisite RC 78/99             Exquisite RC 79/99




Exquisite RC 91/99             Exquisite RC 93/99




Exquisite RC 89/99             Exquisite RC 98/99




Gold 1/25             Gold 2/25




Gold 4/25             Gold 9/25




Gold 11/25             Gold 12/25




Gold 13/25             Gold 14/25




Gold 17/25             Gold 21/25



Gold RC Auto Patch 2/7!




Auto Patch 2/100             Auto Patch 6/100




Auto Patch 7/100!!             Auto Patch 9/100




Auto Patch 15/100             Auto Patch 17/100




Auto Patch 21/100             Auto Patch 29/100




Auto Patch 67/100             Auto Patch 68/100




Auto Patch 70/100             Auto Patch 88/100




Enshrinements 1/25             Enshrienements 5/25




Enshrinements 7/25!!             Enshrinements 23/25




Limited Logos 1/50             Limited Logos 7/50!!




Limited Logos 15/50             Limited Logos 19/50




Limited Logos 26/50             Limited Logos 28/50




Limited Logos 29/50             Limited Logos 30/50




Limited Logos 31/50             Limited Logos 36/50




Limited Logos 45/50             Limited Logos 46/50




Limited Logos 47/50             Limited Logos 49/50




Extra Exquisite 1/25             Extra Exquisite 2/25




Extra Exquisite 6/25             Extra Exquisite 7/25!!




Extra Exquisite 8/25             Extra Exquisite 9/25




Extra Exquisite 10/25             Extra Exquisite 13/25




Extra Exquisite 14/25             Extra Exquisite 17/25




Extra Exquisite 19/25             Extra Exquisite 24/25




Noble Nameplates 3/25             Noble Nameplates 6/25




Noble Nameplates 7/25!!             Noble Nameplates 11/25




Noble Nameplates 13/25             Noble Nameplates 15/25




Noble Nameplates 19/25             Noble Nameplates 21/25



Noble Nameplates 24/25




Scripted Swatches 1/25             Scripted Swatches 5/25




Scripted Swatches 11/25             Scripted Swatches 12/25




Scripted Swatches 13/25             Scripted Swatches 14/25




Scripted Swatches 17/25              Scripted Swatches 18/25




Scripted Swatches 19/25             Scripted Swatches 21/25




Scripted Swatches 23/25             Scripted Swatches 24/25



Scripted Swatches 25/25




Dual Extra Exquisite 1/10             Dual Extra Exquisite 3/10




Dual Extra Exquisite 5/10             Dual Extra Exquisite 6/10




Dual Extra Exquisite 7/10!!             Dual Extra Exquisite 9/10




Number Pieces 1/7             Number Pieces 2/7




Number Pieces 3/7             Number Pieces 6/7




Extra Exquisite Auto 1/5             Extra Exquisite Auto 4/5



Dual Scripted Swatches 1/5




UD Black Auto 4/15             UD Black Dual Patch 4/10




              SPGU All Star Patch             SPGU Logoman 1/1!




SPGU Significant Numbers 6/35             Sweet Shot Signature Shots




Topps 52 Style 18/25             Triple Threads Emerald 7/199!



Ultimate Achievements 1/8




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