2004-05 LeBron James Masterpieces Print Plates 1/1!


In 2004-05s Exquisite release, Upper Deck randomly included printing plates that were used to print LeBron James rookie cards the year before. It was quite a mystery as to how many of these plates were included in the release. It took a long time for anyone to actually figure it out. Each rookie card produced required print plates of 4 different colors Cyan, Magenta, Black and Yellow. And it was not clear from the start whether Upper Deck actually included ALL 4 color print plates of a particular LeBron James rookie card. Also unclear was how many rookie card print plates were released into circulation.


In the end through sheer dogged determination, I have concluded that Upper Deck DID release all 4 color print plates for the rookie cards because I have managed to get 4-of-a-kind of a few of the print plates. And I am now pretty sure print plates from 77 different rookie cards were used giving rise to a total of 308 different print plates.


Here in this page you will find all the print plates I have accumulated since 2004-05s release. There are now 96 different print plates in here (with a few more incoming in time). The first print plates are from rookie cards where LeBron James did not have an autograph on. The latter print plates are plates from rookie cards that were released with an autograph from LeBron. These latter print plates were also individually signed by LeBron.


Some print plates are vertically oriented. Some are horizontally oriented. For the sake of uniformity, they will all be shown here as vertically oriented. Enjoy!



LJ 1 Cyan LJ 3 Cyan


LJ 3 Yellow LJ 4 Magenta


LJ 4 Black LJ 4 Yellow


LJ 5 Yellow LJ 8 Magenta


LJ 8 Cyan LJ 8 Yellow


LJ 10 Cyan LJ 12 Yellow


LJ 12 Magenta LJ13 Yellow


LJ 13 Magenta LJ 13 Black


LJ 14 Black LJ 14 Magenta


LJ 14 Cyan LJ 15 Yellow


LJ 15 Black LJ 15 Magenta


LJ 15 Cyan LJ 16 Cyan


LJ 16 Magenta LJ 17 Black


LJ 17 Yellow LJ 10 Yellow


LJ 19 Magenta LJ 19 Black


LJ 20 Black LJ 21 Yellow


LJ 22 Yellow LJ 24 Magenta


LJ 24 Black LJ 25 Black


LJ 25 Cyan LJ 25 Magenta


LJ 32 Black LJ 32 Cyan


LJ 33 Black LJ 34 Magenta


LJ 34 Cyan LJ 34 Yellow


LJ 35 Cyan LJ 35 Black


LJ 36 Yellow LJ 36 Black


LJ 37 Magenta LJ 37 Cyan


LJ 38 Black LJ 38 Magenta


LJ 40 Magenta LJ 40 Yellow


LJ 40 Black LJ41 Cyan


LJ 41 Black LJ41 Magenta


LJ 43 Yellow LJ 44 Black


LJ 44 Yellow LJ 45 Yellow


LJ 48 Cyan LJ 49 Cyan


LJ 49 Black LJ 51 Yellow


LJ 52 Yellow LJ 54 Magenta


LJ 54 Cyan LJ 55 Cyan


LJ 60 Black LJ 61 Black


LJ 61 Yellow LJ 61 Magenta


LJ 62 Magenta LJ 62 Black


LJ 64 Black LJ 64 Cyan


LJ 65 Cyan LJ 66 Black


LJ 66 Yellow LJ 66 Cyan


LJ 66 Magenta LJ 67 Black


LJ 69 Magenta LJ 69 Black


LJ 69 Yellow LJ 69 Cyan


LJ 70 Black LJ 73 Yellow


LJ 74 Black LJ 74 Magenta


LJ 74 Yellow LJ 76 Cyan


LJ 76 Magenta LJ 77 Black




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